Here We Go

Today our company comes. The temp was fine when we woke up, and has been wonderful the last two days. I gave the head weather god a big thank you for that. I also requested five more days just like the last two. We'll see what I get. I spent some time out on the patio sweeping and arranging plants. My next job will be cleaning my bathroom and changing the sheets where my daughter will sleep. Oh, and I probably need to sling a dust cloth around a little. The carpets were shampooed earlier in the week. My husband will make the airport run using our van. Their planes arrive within minutes of each other so we'll only need the one run. Good scheduling. We have this down to a science. We all know the game, except this year my daughter will be with us. She hasn't see these folks in many years so we're all looking forward to being together. They pay for their travel and hotel and we buy all the food. There's no fighting for the bill when we eat out. There's no cooking, it's either eat out or bring in. Our expense, the least we can do for them and works like a charm. I think we're all looking forward to this time together.

There was no paper when Ron went to bring it in. Not good, that can throw the whole day off. It's hard for him to get going without working his word puzzles. Remember me talking about not liking the word jumble puzzles? Every day Ron asks me to look at the ones he can't figure out and every day I fail to solve the puzzle. One day this week he handed me the paper and left the room. That was my chance. I took my handy dandy iPad and located an app to solve those jumbled words, it's called Solve It. When he returned I had the puzzle solved. He was shocked, couldn't understand how I did it. I told him I didn't know either, that the words just came to me, and agreed it was amazing. When I told him what I'd done he said "you're not supposed to do that are you". All depends on how bad you want the answer, I told him. I guess he decided it wasn't so wrong after all. See you after the company leaves.

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