Two wonderful Guests

Our guests arrived yesterday afternoon about. They're a little weary from being on the road almost two weeks. He is a type one diabetic, she a type two. She has had both knees replaced but has problems with her feet and can only walk short distances. She's also recovering from a damaged rotater cuff, has "spurs on her spine" and degenerative arthritis. It was quickly apparent she would be running the show and it would all be health related. We were informed we would eat in one hour, and it would need to be either American or Italian food. Yes mam we said, and hit the door to make it happen. Apparently there are a number of glucose checks and injections to be done for him every day. Trust me, she will keep us informed. It's raining but we're headed for the coast anyway. She told us she cannot walk on the beach but just wants to say she's seen the Pacific Ocean. My husband will be driving and will take us to some nice look out stations where they can make pictures, although it may not be picture taking weather at the coast, we'll see.

Tomorrow we will do the rose gardens, rain or shine. I have news for her, there's a lot of walking to be done there. I'll let her decide how much she's up to. She's decided against purchasing the manzanita bush, but may order one once she's back at home, too much trouble to get one here. He is the same, she is not. She's my age but much older. I don't know what happened. She was always more vibrant and outgoing than me, always laughing and game for anything. Somewhere along the way she let herself get old. They live in a rural area thirty miles from the nearest town. He uses a computer, she doesn't know how to turn one on. He's still vibrant, in tune with the world, and active. She is old. She's not interested in doing anything more than the coast and rose gardens. I sense she's going to want to spend a lot of time at the hotel where she can lay on the bed. Too bad we can't take him and do some interesting things but I doubt he will leave her. I have faith the sun is going to come out and be a nice day. More later.

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