Calcium for Weight Loss

Are you planning to shed the excess fats in your body? Include adequate calcium rich foods in your diet to achieve your target weight. In our rush to pack our weight loss diets with loads of fat burning food, some of which carry the "superfood" tag, we often overlook the importance of calcium as a weight loss tool. Researchers at Universite Laval in Canada have found that obese women could eliminate extra fat in their body through regular consumption of calcium rich foods and supplements. In the study, some participants in a 15-week weight loss program for women were given two calcium supplements that provided 1200 mg of calcium along with a low calorie diet. Others in the weight loss program were given placebo along with a low calorie diet. The total calcium intake of participants on placebo was less than 1000 mg, which is the recommended daily allowance of calcium. Researchers found that women who took the calcium supplements lost about 6 kg of body weight during the program, whereas women on placebo lost about 1 kg of body weight. They concluded that the brain could easily detect calcium deficiency in the body.
Calcium diet for weight loss
To compensate the deficiency, the brain sends signals to increase food intake. Perhaps calcium deficiency is a cause of food craving. Women on low calcium diet tend to have bigger waistlines, high LDL cholesterol level and excess body fat. In another study, researchers have found that reduction in calcium intake causes rapid rise in body weight. Studies have shown that calcium stored in fat cells regulates fat storage. The rate of fat metabolism increases with rise in calcium content in the fat cells. Calcium rich food for fat loss. Low fat dairy products should be included in weight loss diets. To facilitate fat burning, your regular calcium intake should be between 1000 to 1300 mg per day. Besides low fat milk and dairy products, abundant calcium is present in dark leafy green vegetables, oats, almonds and fish. While choosing calcium supplements, make sure that the nutritional supplement contains magnesium, zinc, vitamins and minerals, along with calcium to facilitate better absorption of this essential weight loss mineral.